See where people are clicking that they shouldn't be
Quick and simple to set up and install
See where people aren't clicking

Identify usability and information architecture issues on your site

Clickdensity isn’t just another statistics or web analytics tool – instead it allows you to analyse user behaviour, and identify usability and information architecture issues that would have been missed without Clickdensity’s insight.

Get instant insight

The Clickdensity heat map shows at a glance the relative popularity of components on your pages. Many standard web analytics tools do not offer this information, or make accessing it a complex, time consuming process.

Ideal for all business users - from content authors to directors

The visual format of Clickdensity reports makes them ideal for use in presentation to non-technical audiences, helping you justify your decisions and clearly illustrating the benefits of making changes online.

Flexible pricing

We offer a range of packages to suit virtually any budget, meaning you only pay for what you need. With the option to change your package at any time, Clickdensity will grow along with your business.

See exactly where your users are clicking

Clickdensity’s heat maps let you see every click made on your page. If you already know that a particular advert image is being clicked 1,000 times a week, Clickdensity might show you that 90% of the clicks are in the bottom-right corner of the image, and that users with smaller screen sizes don't click as often as those with larger screens. This may suggest that the 'click here' text in the bottom right of the image is off-screen for those users, and should be moved to the top-left. By showing exactly where users are clicking you can target them even more effectively, and this can have a real impact on your business.

See where people aren't clicking

While many web analytics tools only show popular elements of your site, Clickdensity makes less effective elements immediately obvious. Highlighting these underperforming areas is crucial to ensuring the success of your website and increasing conversions, as it clearly illustrates areas that need to be improved to support your business goals.

See where people are clicking that they shouldn’t be

Our software also highlights areas commonly mistaken for links or other clickable elements. These can often be missed, but it is vital they are recognised as they may represent a key opportunity to increase user engagement.

Quick and simple to set up and install

A small portion of code inserted into your site is all that’s required to enjoy the many benefits of Clickdensity. You can be up and running in as little as 5 minutes, gathering valuable click data.

No technical overhead

The Clickdensity service is fully hosted and managed, saving you time and money and ensuring all you have to concentrate on is meeting your performance targets.

A product with as much vision as you have

We’re passionate about the potential of Clickdensity, and are always looking to create new functionality that can benefit you. Keep watching to see what’s coming next…